Safranin Sound

SafeAsHome - Hateful Town 7Inch

Available on limited-edition white 7" vinyl and digital download, these two songs constitute the
immediate follow-up to the band’s debut album Not What Happens, released in winter 2008, also
on Safranin Sound (home to Screen Vinyl Image, Ceremony, The Vandelles… ).

Both tracks witness Safeashome pursuing and deepening their exploration of noise-invaded,
dreamy pop: airy vocals and synth lines struggle for breath in landscapes of pounding,
minimalist drums and feverish, feedback-laced guitar whiteouts. Recorded beneath the city of
Paris within the band's own studio, the songs evoke visions of decaying urban spaces and
mental breakdown, of daydreams drifting into nightmares, of what was and what is now...

The word ‘Shoegaze’ has consistently and favorably been used to describe Safeashome’s
sound, and their music has drawn positive comparisons to the work of My Bloody Valentine,
Ride, Slowdive… But there is also an unmistakably dark and pessimistic vibe to be found in
these two songs, within both their thematic and sonic substances; a streak of edgy psychedelia
which brings to mind in turn aspects of Beaches and Canyons-era Black Dice, early Boards of
Canada, and the more abstract releases from the Netherlands’ Bunker Records.


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A. Hateful Town
B. A Second Replayed Murder

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